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Assalamua'laikum wrt. wbh...


Name : Cik Majidah hj Mat Jusoh

Nick Name : Jid

Date of Birth : 27th June 1978

Hometown : Kuala Nerang, Kedah.

Currently at : 8-13-9, Vista Angkasa, Kuala Lumpur.

Academic :

-     Al-Maahad Addini, Alor Setar

-         Al-Mahad Mahmud, Alor Setar

-         Matriculation Centre of  IIUM

-         International Islamic University Malaysia.

Course : Degree of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage ( Majoring in Comparative Religion and Minoring in Psychology)

Interest : Chess, surfing internet, reading, travelling and joint any welfare work.

Ambition : Anak solehah, isteri solehah,ibu mithaliah, sahabat sejati,and hamba Allah yg beriman dan bertaqwa J

Colour : yellow and pink

Foods  : Tom yam and soup

Drinks : fruit juice

"Words of courage : Truth never hurts the teller and a man full of sincere is also full of faith.."


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