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Suppose you were Cinderella. When the clock reached midnight, you ought to leave the party. What item will you leave at the party to allow the prince to meet you again? 1) Photo Album 2) Diamond Ring 3) Crystal Shoe 4) Pager 1) Photo Album - You wouldn't give him a clue on how to understand you better. You are very direct, hot-tempered and authoritative. And he must listen and obey to what you say. If you can find someone who understands your true nature, the relationship will go on. 2) Diamond Ring - The ring represents an invisible tie of relationship. You have an ability to control your husband. You often pretend to stay close to him in public just to beautify the image, but you don't pay much attention to him when you are with him in private. Manipulating him is good, right? 3) Crystal Shoe - You tend to adopt traditional roles of a fine woman. You listen to what your husband tell you attentively and enjoy being guided and led by him. 4) Pager - You will never expect to control your boyfriend or husband. Your boyfriend and you will take turns to make decision and the decision is often acceptable to both of you. Whatever you want to let him know, you can just tell him straightforwardly. This is a good relationship, a pretty modern one.